Advantage Tax Preparation

IRS Tax Refund

At Lank, Johnson & Tull, CPAs, our experienced accounting staff utilizes its extensive knowledge of the tax code to help reduce your tax liability. Our accountants are trained to consider all relevant Internal Revenue Service rules and regulations, as well as to assess the current economic and political climate in which you live and do business. Such considerations are key to effective tax planning.

Delaware Accounting

We think the real advantage of our Advantage Tax Preparation service is just how personal it is. Unlike many big box solutions, our Delaware CPA firm forges lasting relationships with our clients and provides them with the knowledge and expertise that they deserve all year round.

As a matter of fact, many of our clients’ adorable dependents have grown up to become some of our favorite primary filers! Today, entire family trees grow and branch out from the very foundation of our accounting firm, a foundation that was laid over forty years ago.

This service includes:

  • Tax return for individuals
  • Strategic tax planning for individuals

If you require more advanced services, please visit the Services page.

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